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The Mountaineers Summer Outing - 1912 - Feature Image
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The Mountaineers Summer Outing - 1912
Tuesday, July 30, 1912
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7/30/1912 - Map
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  • Emmons Glacier
  • White Glacier
  • Glaicer Basin
  • Fryingpan Glacier
  • Goat Island Mountain
  • Little Tahoma
  • White River
  • Inter Glacier
  • Storbo mining camp
The Mountaineers left Summerland and headed west toward the Emmons Glacier, once called the White Glacier. By afternoon they planned to camp in Glacier Basin. Climbing over a pass lying between Goat Island Mountain and the Fryingpan Glacier saved time and distance. As they approached the pass the view of nearby Little Tahoma changed with each step climbed. Here, the full panorama of Mount Rainier took on a commanding aspect.

Descending to the Emmons Glacier, the largest on Mount Rainier, it seemed that ice spread endlessly before them.

While crossing the glacier the Mountaineers passed a number of special features worth photographing. A brave party member stood near, but not too near, a boulder balancing precariously on a spindly base of melting ice.

Finally free of glacial ice, the Mountaineers splashed their way over a small fork of the White River flowing from the Inter Glacier. There were few logs in this glacial area that could be used as bridges. It was a good time to make use of a rope held tight at both ends while individuals carefully made their way across. Their destination, Glacier Basin, was close by the stream.

The Mountaineers set up Camp #8 at Glacier Basin, at approximately 6,000 elevation. There they found a log cabin and a general-purpose building used by the Storbo mining camp. Mining equipment and numerous mineshafts could be seen at various points around the camp. Only a few miners worked there at any given time.

Dinner was ready in a short while. The Mountaineers ran for their places in the grub line.

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